Camp Holiday Beach Resort, Samal Island

Camp Holiday Beach Resort, Samal Island

Annually, my two cousins who work from Dubai gets home during holidays, thus making a tradition of going to the beach. My mom didn’t come home though, to save more money.

The ugly weather (heavy rain, freezing wind) didn’t stop us from having an outing yesterday. I was with my family, celebrating my cousin’s birthday on a rainy night on the beach. We had dinner by the beach, eating the scrumptious lechon (roasted pig), kinilaw (raw fish and frilled pork seasoned with chili and vinegar) and grilled fish but dealing with the harsh, cold wind. Man, it was so freezing, but my family kept me warm.

I’m very glad for moments like this. It has never been easy for us, we were never born with a golden spoon ready to feed us. Even though I’m privileged to have an easy access to education, it’s an unwritten rule for me to finish my education and make something for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not doing it because I’m told to, it is also one of my goals.

Despite of the hardships, I’m still amazed by the positive outlook and cheerful dispositions of my family. One treasure I’m going to cherish for life.


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